The Gossiping Gourmet: Eureka! It's a new restaurant!

April 08, 2014|By Terry Markowitz
  • The Fresno Fig Burger includes a homemade fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, crispy bacon garnished with tomato, red onion and arugula tossed in a spicy porter mustard.
The Fresno Fig Burger includes a homemade fig marmalade,… (SCOTT SMELTZER,…)

Bella Terra in Huntington Beach seems to be opening new restaurants right and left, much to my delight.

The latest addition is called Eureka! and it specializes in burgers, although there is a lot more from which to choose. The restaurant décor is following what has become a big trend lately, the industrial look. It consists of open ductwork, lots of repurposed wood and steel beams, along with brown cement floors and interesting, contemporary hanging light fixtures, many like chandeliers with open bulbs.

There is also a pleasant outdoor patio with a fire pit and a large fountain, as well as a pretty view of tall palms and bougainvillea. It's an attractive spot with a very casual vibe.

Eureka! is proud to feature locally sourced produce and fresh-baked breads. The burgers are made from natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free, 100% vegetarian-fed beef. The staff is equally proud of the large selection of craft beers and whiskeys, all made in America. The wines are all Californian.


The menu offers a nice selection of starters that you could easily turn into a meal. My dining companion and I shared two of them. The lollipop corn dogs were polish sausages rolled into balls and covered with a sweet corn batter, then fried. They were skewered on sticks, and there were five to an order.

We found them addicting. The sausage was salty and full of garlic, and the corn covering was just the right thickness. Three sauces came on the side. We liked the spicy porter mustard best — it had a nice tang. The excellent homemade ketchup came in second, but the ranch dressing, alas, was too mild.

The Eureka! Wings were good and spicy, fried with chili garlic sauce that had a hint of sweetness. One order had eight wings. They were very moist. On the side was more ranch dressing for cooling off the heat, but the crunchy wings had plenty of flavor on their own, and we thought the heat was just perfect.

Braver souls can order the wings with homemade firecracker sauce. Some carrots and celery sticks came on the side. They were handy for dipping up some of the dressing.

The burger menu features 10 selections, including a vegetarian beet burger. You also have the option of substituting the meat for a turkey or veggie patty.

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