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Local | By Candice Baker | December 31, 2008
A local adult film actress and model was sentenced Monday in Oregon after pleading guilty to willfully failing to pay nearly $300,000 in federal income taxes. Janine James, 40, is best known for portraying a nurse on the famous cover of a 1999 Blink 182 album, “Enema of the State,” and appearing in music videos for songs from the album. Authorities said James spent more than $750,000 on homes, vehicles, furniture and a piano, without making any voluntary payments to the IRS. In a Monday media release, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Eugene, Ore., said James pleaded guilty in August.
January 27, 2005
Surfer David Nuuhiwa Sr. dies David Nuuhiwa Sr., father of surfing great David Nuuhiwa and legendary spiritual leader of the surfing world, died Friday, Jan. 21, following a battle with cancer. Nuuhiwa Sr., born in 1925, had been inducted on Dec. 10 into the Surfers' Hall of Fame in front of Huntington Surf and Sport. A Hawaiian legend and martial arts teacher, he was honored for his commitment to the "spirit of surfing and its Hawaiian origins."
By Chris Epting | January 29, 2013
Beach and Edinger. Warner and Gothard. Heil and Bolsa Chica. At more and more intersections, I notice them, growing in numbers. Do you? They are the forgotten and the fringe. The homeless and the hustlers. Some beg for money. Some just wander aimlessly. Others argue aloud, conducting jagged, stilted conversations with demons unknown. You cannot categorize them all into one convenient group. Most seem harmless, haunted and genuinely needy. But then recently a homeless man was arrested on suspicion of having unlawful sex with a minor behind the Main Street Library Branch.
By Matt Szabo | August 20, 2009
Ian Gibbons’ favorite NHL team is the Anaheim Ducks, while Sasha Chmelevski prefers the Pittsburgh Penguins. But it was as Wildcats that the two Huntington Beach residents have accomplished so much. Gibbons, 11, and Chmelevski, 10, won Southern California Amateur Hockey Assn. and California Amateur Hockey Assn. titles with the Anaheim Wildcats Squirt 98 team in May. Now, they’re in St. Petersburg, Russia, taking on an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Gibbons and Chmelevski left Wednesday for a 10-day trip, playing on a Team USA Select team that also includes Ivan Lodnia of Anaheim and youth players from Michigan and Minnesota.
March 30, 2002
Bryce Alderton They were a trio of sweet, fun-loving girls, ready for anything. Jillian Baedeker, 19, Chelsea Toma, 19, and 18-year-old Nancy Le were part of a close-knit group that went to the beach, shopped, sunbathed and went to coffee shops. It was a Starbucks Coffee shop that the three girls were driving home from at about midnight on March 20 when their lives were tragically cut short. Police say the Nissan Sentra they were in was broadsided by a 1983 yellow Ford Mustang driven by 27-year-old James Paul Bell Jr. from Rowland Heights at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue in Huntington Beach.
July 4, 2002
Jose Paul Corona Huntington Beach resident Jay A. Buchbinder, 69, was killed early Sunday morning when a car struck the tandem bicycle he was riding with his son Gregg. Gregg D. Buchbinder, 49, of Long Beach sustained neck injuries during the accident. The men were riding east on the shoulder of Pacific Coast Highway when they were struck from behind by a 1989 blue Toyota Cressida. Police believe that Long Beach resident Chanpenbeau Sar, 43, dozed off at the wheel at 6:19 a.m. and struck the pair, said Sgt. Gary Meza.
April 15, 2004
VIC LEIPZIG AND LOU MURRAY Something may be seriously amiss in southeast Huntington Beach. According to a recent report in the Orange County Weekly, four children from that area died between February 2000 and June 2003 of a deadly brain cancer called brainstem glioma. This is an exceedingly rare cancer. Data from the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States indicates that only six out of every million children younger than 15 are diagnosed each year with this invariably fatal cancer.
By Purnima Mudnal and Kelly Strodl | September 27, 2006
Heather Stamm's sister Kelsey was supposed to meet her at 8:30 p.m. on Main Street Monday night. When Heather didn't show, she called her sister's cellphone, but there was no answer. Kelsey called her parents to pick her up, and they did. When the Stamms turned north onto Pacific Coast Highway, they saw police lights a few blocks down. "It didn't cross our minds that it was Heather," Chris Stamm said. The Stamms pulled up to the accident scene to see if maybe Heather was there as an onlooker.
By By Kreg Muller | January 26, 2006
Leave it to the Huntington Beach Independent to make our new employee feel so welcome ("Police hire officer linked to beating"). Let me begin by stating something that the Independent seemed to gloss over. Bijan Darvish was never accused of any excessive force or beating. Darvish and his family went through a living hell as the Inglewood Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office investigated the videotaped incident. Did the paper do the slightest bit of an investigation before publishing this sensationalized article?
May 16, 2002
Paul Clinton Bouquets of yellow and pink flowers are clustered along the brick wall at Nichols Street and Wagon Drive. Colored candles with religious images form a cross on the sidewalk. Families and friends of Oscar Gaytan, 18, and Heriberto Tapia Vasquez, 16, two Huntington Beach boys killed in a gangland shooting Saturday, have blanketed the sidewalks where their loved ones perished. Flowers, candles and framed pictures of the fallen teenagers now act as a reminder of the heartbreak and trauma that inevitably follows street violence.
By Josh Aden | October 25, 2007
Theater people are superstitious. In fact they?re so superstitious that many traditions ? like never saying ?Macbeth? in a theater or ?good luck? before a show ? are firmly cemented as part of the drama culture. Not surprisingly, it?s rare to find an old theater that doesn?t have a ghost story or two associated with it. Huntington Beach High School?s historic theater is haunted by a ghost named George. Students of the school?s Academy of Performing Arts have dealt with this mischievous specter for decades.
July 14, 2005
Lauren Vane An employee of a Westminster towing company was arrested after an investigation by Huntington Beach police alleged that the company had illegally towed vehicles from private properties in Huntington Beach, police said. Mark Alan Mathis, 45, of Westminster, the night supervisor at Medlin's Towing, allegedly conspired with his friend, Sean Edwin Hyepock, 36, also of Westminster, to tow cars from private properties without property owners' permission, pulling in extra dollars in tow and storage fees.
August 10, 2000
Theresa Moreau HUNTINGTON BEACH -- A review of City Atty. Gail Hutton's office noted "significant improvements" in recent years, but it also showed the office is plagued with some of the same problems it had during a 1985 audit. The report -- released last week as part of a seven-month management audit -- offered 33 recommendations to improve operations. Those suggestions include hiring an experienced litigator as deputy city attorney, implementing office procedures and training programs to improve customer service, and requiring a supervising attorney to be in the office at all times.
September 7, 2000
Theresa Moreau HUNTINGTON BEACH -- Sauntering down the aisle of St. Bonaventure Catholic Church with a collection basket in hand, Mayor Dave Garofalo -- all 5 feet and 4 inches of him -- spreads himself around. A wave here. A wink there. Even tousling the hair of a youngster sitting on the edge of a pew. Personality plus. A self-deprecating amateur comedian whose favorite target is himself. Even after his second open-heart surgery in as many years, Garofalo wisecracked last spring, "Many people in the community were surprised I had a heart."
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