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June 11, 2009
Kevin Edwards For Kevin Edwards, the past four years have had their ups and downs. After sustaining a sports-related injury his sophomore season and finally beginning to gain full strength by his senior season, the track-and-field runner sprained his neck and tweaked his lower back in a car accident in mid-March. Edwards, 19, vividly recalls running the 300-meter hurdles at league finals mere weeks after the accident as the most memorable point of high school. Though Edwards didn’t beat his time as he’d hoped, he thought to himself, “This isn’t about the hurdles in this race; this is about all the other hurdles.
March 28, 2002
Last week's tragic car accident that left three teenagers dead is a painful reminder that life can be shockingly and brutally short. As if we all needed that reminder. The loss of two 19-year-olds, Jillian Baedeker and Chelsea Toma, and 18-year-old Nancy Le has devastated the wide web of family and friends the three had woven over the course of their too-short lives. The memorial constructed at the site of the accident, Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue, the funeral services held and the words that have been repeated about them have all been testaments to the lasting impact the trio had here in Huntington Beach, as well as far beyond its city limits.
September 26, 2012
A Huntington Beach man was sentenced Friday to three years in state prison for a hit-and-run that caused another driver severe injuries, according to the Orange County district attorney's office. Oscar Paz rear-ended a 66-year-old man's Nissan while driving on the Garden Grove (22) Freeway at about 5 a.m. on Dec. 11, thrusting him across the freeway and causing him to crash into the center divider, prosecutors said. Paz, who was driving on a suspended license, then fled the scene without helping the victim, parked his car in a nearby strip mall and called his girlfriend to pick him up. The victim was transported to UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, where he was in a coma for several weeks, prosecutors said.
By Britney Barnes | October 29, 2009
The trial of a Huntington Beach man accused of killing a 14-year-old bicyclist is coming to an end, as closing arguments were heard today and the jury is expected to begin deliberation. Jeffrey Woods, 22, is charged with one felony count of vehicular manslaughter by unlawful acts with gross negligence while intoxicated. The charge holds a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison. Woods pleaded not guilty in December and has been out on $100,000 bail. Danny Oates was riding his bike along Indianapolis Avenue and Everglades Lane around noon Aug. 29, 2007 with a friend when Woods allegedly swerved across the median onto the wrong side of the road and hit Danny with his Ford 150 pick-up truck.
December 26, 2002
Oak View shootings probe stalls The investigation of a double homicide in Oak View in May has stalled since police learned that their primary suspect has been hiding out in Mexico. Juan Jose Meza, 20, has fled to that country and is still wanted for the crime, Lt. Ron Burgess said. On June 26, police obtained a no-bail warrant for Meza for the murders of 18-year-old Oscar Gaytan and 16-year-old Heriberto Tapia Vasquez. Gaytan and Vazquez lived in Huntington Beach's Oak View neighborhood.
By Michael Alexander | September 19, 2007
The fatal traffic collision that killed 14-year-old Danny Oates as he biked toward Sowers Middle School has spurred residents to call for traffic safety improvements to prevent another tragedy. Streets like Indianapolis Avenue, which cut across the city with few traffic lights but pass many schools and parks along the way, are an accident waiting to happen, they say. Several residents and real estate agents called for action at Monday’s City Council meeting. Driving home their point was the fact that a second accident took place that day at Indianapolis Avenue and Everglades Lane where Oates died — a vehicle smashed into a light pole at 3:09 p.m. Monday, according to police records.
By Chris Epting | December 2, 2009
Editor’s Note: This is the first of two columns following up on Christopher Hernandez, the local 17-year-old who was killed in a car accident last summer. “It was 16 weeks ago today,” Chris Hernandez says quietly. He’s referring to the horrific day of his son Christopher’s accident. However, sitting with Chris and his wife, Dawn, the discussion is not sad. Naturally, it’s tinged with sorrow given the weight of the tragedy, but four months on, both parents focus more on the peace they feel, made possible by their rock-solid faith in God. They talk about how the memory and spirit of their son motivates his friends, and they talk about the lessons their late son continues to teach them as they celebrate his life.
By: Lindsay Sandham | September 14, 2005
After sustaining serious injuries from a car accident in February, 13-year-old Cade Feitler remains hospitalized. To show support for the Feitler family, a group of 10 Newport-Mesa mothers are organizing a dodge ball tournament and fundraiser, scheduled for Friday evening at the Boys and Girls Club in Costa Mesa, with all proceeds going toward the Cade Feitler Fund. The group, Moms 4 Cade, is made up of 10 mothers of children who went to Ensign Intermediate School with Cade.
November 29, 2001
A Huntington Beach woman was killed Friday when she was struck by a pickup truck when crossing Winward Lane, Police said. Chong Soon Kim, 83, was crossing in a crosswalk at Windward Lane in Huntington Beach at 5 p.m. Friday when she was hit by a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck driven by Huntington Beach resident Jonathan Hart, who was traveling westbound on Yorktown Avenue, said Huntington Beach Police Sgt. Janet Perez....
By Kathryn Watson | July 16, 2009
An 11-year-old girl was killed Tuesday after a lifeguard boat ran over her during a routine Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguards training exercise. Authorities originally said Allyssa Squirrell of Laguna Hills was slashed by the boat?s propeller, but later backed away from the statement, saying further investigation was necessary. The girl was one of 20 to 25 11- and 12-year-olds practicing an exercise called a ?speed drop,? in which the junior guards jump off a moving boat into the water to practice reaching swimmers in distress quickly.
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