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March 16, 2011
Huntington Beach Mayor Joe Carchio is hosting a fundraiser Sunday to benefit the victims of the Japan tsunami and earthquake. "These people are in desperate need," Carchio said. "Every time you turn on the news, it's worse and worse and worse. Your heart goes out for all of these people. " Zack Pier Plaza, 405 Pacific Coast Hwy., is hosting the event from noon to 5 p.m. Cucina Alessa and Zack's Mike Ali plan to donate food for the event, Carchio said. Spaghetti, salad and bread will be served.
By Britney Barnes | March 30, 2010
When his number was called, Gerald Beamon walked up to the tables to make his selection. Beamon joined the queue of seniors walking down the line and picking out food, some putting it in a bag, others filling up a push cart. “They have orange juice if you can handle it,” Beamon said. Scrutinizing the spread of eggs, yogurt and an assortment of pre-made foods, he took a couple items. Getting to the milk, Beamon grabbed a quart. “The milk is the important thing, so I don’t have to buy it,” he said.
By Terry Markowitz | February 5, 2014
With the dearth of new fine-dining restaurants opening these days, we are always looking for interesting, small neighborhood spots to review. One is Il Farro on the Balboa Peninsula, just a few steps from the pier. Chef Domenico Maurici has been in business since 1993, serving homey Italian cuisine featuring the grain called farro. This grain is ancient, having been discovered in the tombs of Egyptian kings. Maurici imports his from Italy, where it is organically farmed. This healthy grain is low in carbs and gluten and high in fiber.
November 23, 2000
Taste of France, the bistro on Center Avenue and Gothard Street in Huntington Beach, is all wide windows and open doors on this mild fall day. It's almost like eating at a sidewalk cafe. But you know you're inside from the warm aroma of fresh-baked bread brought to the table by tall blond Ellen Kortizija, whose family is from Croatia. The Taste is a place of hearty sandwiches and thick quiches -- who says real men don't eat quiche? The dozen or more wrought-iron and glass-topped tables fill quickly at noon with business people and professors and students from Golden West College, which makes a real service challenge for Kortizija, who can be overwhelmed.
September 5, 2002
DINING OUT What food can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, have books written about it and even a movie made about it? The 'credible, edible egg' no less, starring in "The Egg and I", a sophisticated comedy with Fred Mac Murrey and Claudette Colbert (circa 1947) And the egg in all its variations has been featured at Kathy May's Restaurant, on Gothard Street and Center Avenue, since it opened in May, 1999. Here is 'home-style' cooking to wake you up on a bleary Monday morning.
April 21, 2005
John Volo My buddy Zach and I had been forced to lay low for the better part of a week. His son Jake was slowly recovering from tonsil removal, while my son Jake was adjusting to life with a full leg cast. The boys were in dire need of some fresh air and sunshine, while Zach and I were in dire need of someone to wait on us. So we loaded up the two Jakes in a wheelchair and a stroller and pushed them over to Alice's Breakfast in the Park. Idyllically perched above Lake Huntington in Central Park, Alice's serves not only breakfast and lunch, but also operates as a mini-bakery.
October 30, 2003
Mary Furr Where is everybody on this sunny October Sunday? They are strolling down Huntington Beach's Main Street, stopping by the cafes that crowd the narrow sidewalk from the pier to the post office. They may be signing up for a table at the Sugar Shack or finding one at Luigi's Italian Ristorante. There's a sidewalk patio, a bougainvillea-draped middle courtyard or a cozy indoor cafe to choose from. The busy servers could qualify for the marathon as they dash from table to table.
December 5, 2002
DINING OUT Rico Cafe, a tiny, single storefront in a strip mall on the southeast corner of Hamilton Avenue and Bushard Street in Huntington Beach, is as unique in decor as it is in cuisine. Owned by Mariela Hadnot from Chile, it serves organically grown foods with no fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Its salad greens practically stand alone, and its homemade focaccia bread sandwich is an inch thick, filled with carne asada (grilled beef)
By Britney Barnes and Michael Miller, ; | January 19, 2011
Two glasses of water were overshadowed by four baskets filled with identical "skyscraper" pastrami sandwiches — exactly 12 ounces of meat straddled by rye bread and weighed for accuracy — that were the center of the eating competition Friday at Tommy Pastrami New York Delicatessen. Preparing himself to devour two sandwiches as quickly as he could, Daniel Fraley, 27, immediately took the crust off the rye bread and stuffed it into a small container of au jus. He and his competitor, Chris Staggs, 26, topped the enormous sandwiches with mustard and soaked it all in the au jus. Then they ate. The two stuffed pastrami and soggy rye bread into their mouths, using two hands, as friends, employees and customers cheered them on and shouted advice.
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