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November 13, 2003
They're not messing around at Oak View Elementary School -- and the numbers prove it. Oak View improved its score by 80 points since last year on the annual Academic Performance Index, which came out a couple weeks ago. This leap was the largest in the district and most impressive because 90% of the students at the predominantly Latino school have a major handicap -- they are still learning English. The index, released annually by the California Department of Education, is the cornerstone of the 1999 Public Schools Accountability Act, which presses schools to meet state standards.
By Dave Brooks | December 22, 2005
'T was the weekend before Christmas, and all through HB Parents were scrambling on a last minute spree Surfers headed beachside, with a hope and a prayer Sean Collins at Surfline said a swell would be there. The Oak View neighborhood had its parties too, But you'd never notice if you're just driving through Bound by Gothard and Warner, Beach and then Slater Is the home of working people -- builders, nannies and waiters The children in Oak View come from Puebla, Mexico, On the way to Veracruz, beneath a big volcano They brought Christmas traditions we don't have in the States, Like posadas and pozole and tamale-filled plates So this year the Independent felt it would be only fair, To head into Oak View, and find stories to share.
August 17, 2011
Allegations against me by Mary Thompson in her letter to the editor ("Trustee's conduct not professional," Mailbag, June 16) cannot stand unchallenged. The first allegation that my "lack of courtesy and respect to the board president was shameful" and the implication that I should be disciplined is similar to another employee-written complaint submitted directly to the district. Apparently she believes the Ocean View School District president has dictator powers to be meted out against those that dare to speak up. I am a person who dares to speak up and speak out frequently.
April 17, 2003
Handing the reigns of the Oak View Community Center to the Children's Bureau of Southern California was one of the better moves the city has made. The aim of the nonprofit group is to care for and protect children, to help them become productive adults and to give parents the tools needed to succeed in raising their children. That just sounds like someone answered an Oak View want ad. The bureau, which just finalized a deal with the city to take over the center on May 1, is much better equipped to run the center than the city was. The Oak View Community Center is an after-school program that provides sports and recreation activities for at-risk youth.
December 12, 2002
Of all the community centers in Surf City, the Oak View Community Center is likely the most vital. Its visitors are children and teens who are, most often, at less of an advantage than those who frequent either the Murdy or Edison community centers. Yet, it is Oak View's $140,000 annual funding that was slashed from the city budget in September -- the duty of running the center was farmed out to an outside agency. City leaders in January are expected to finish hashing out a deal with the Children's Bureau of Southern California to run the center, which serves as an after-school haven for the youth of the Oak View neighborhood.
By Michael Miller | June 6, 2012
There's an old Paul Simon tune called "One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor. " The title sentiment can be taken literally — the song, on the surface, is about squabbling apartment tenants — but it can also be taken to mean that what seems lofty and unattainable for one person can seem like no great shakes for another. Consider this: When you donate to a food bank or a Third World clinic, do you ever read the literature explaining how they plan to stretch out your dollar?
April 20, 2000
Paula Pisani HUNTINGTON BEACH -- A student assessment taken 24 weeks into this school year shows that 46% of Oak View Elementary School students are at risk of being held back, said James Tarwater, Ocean View School District superintendent. The district assesses student performance and skill every 12 weeks. Tarwater said by the end of the year, he expects Oak View school's retention figure to drop to about 30%. The district analyzes student improvement using the Stanford 9 test, as well as other tests to determine reading, math and language skills.
December 30, 1999
-- ANDREW WAINER The Oak View community of Huntington Beach underwent a dramatic change this year when the Oak View School Community Liaison Fran Andrade retired from the position. Andrade, who had occupied the position for 30 years, passed the torch to Sheri Medrano. Medrano had worked at Oak View Elementary School for 17 years as a bilingual instructional aide. Andrade was treated to a surprise retirement party in June. "She's awesome," Medrano said at the party.
October 18, 2001
Mike Sciacca, Independent They are beaming with pride on the Oak View Elementary School campus -- and for good reason. When the state released the latest Academic Performance Index scores on Monday, Oak View students had made an astounding 100 point increase from the previous testing period. It was the greatest gain in all of Orange County.Principal Karen Catabijan attributes the success to hard work on the part of teachers, students and their parents.
February 26, 2004
The city has built it and you can bet they will come. Four years after Oak View teenagers pleaded with the city to build them their own skate park, it is at last complete. This afternoon, officials and community members will celebrate the opening of the 1,650-square-foot Oak View Skate Park at the Oak View Family and Community Center. "The work is done and it's ready to skate on," said Luann Brunson, a senior administrative analyst for the city, who coordinates community block grant funding.
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