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November 4, 2004
On Sunday, Coast Community College District trustee Armando Ruiz retired from his position on the board. On Tuesday, he was reelected to another term. Make sense? No. In a move as petty as it is pitiless, Ruiz, 61, retired Sunday from his elected trusteeship and set himself up to receive a doubled pension only to run for reelection Tuesday -- an election he then won. By retiring on Sunday from both his trusteeship and his counseling job at Irvine Valley College in the South Orange County Community College District, the veteran trustee is eligible to receive a $120,000 pension while getting his old -- well, three-day-old -- job back.
April 8, 2004
DANETTE GOULET When did the meaning of the word retirement change? According to Merriam-Webster it hasn't. Retirement Pronunciation: ri-'tIr-m&nt Function: noun 1 a : an act of retiring : the state of being retired b : withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from active working life c : the age at which one normally retires 2 : a place of seclusion or privacy But according to...
September 26, 2002
Jose Paul Corona After spending nearly 30 years with the city, Richard Barnard, the city's director of communications has announced his retirement effective Friday. Barnard said he had been thinking about taking part in the city's early retirement incentive program for some time and finally made the decision a couple of weeks ago. "I've been here a long time," Barnard said. "It just was the right time to make the move." Barnard was hired in December of 1973 as an intern and moved on to a position as a planning aide in the planning department.
By: Lindsay Sandham | August 13, 2005
Newport Beach's Ed and Mary Chavez were living the dream of retirement, reaping the benefits of a lifetime of hard work. Ed Chavez retired in 1993, and the couple bought their retirement home -- a beautiful town house with a picturesque view of the Back Bay. They also bought a camper and spent much of their time traveling the Southwest. Without the restraints of a schedule, they were able to spend as much or as little time in any one place as they wanted.
August 26, 1999
Marissa Espino HUNTINGTON BEACH -- Mesa View Middle School Principal Lon Hyland gave up 200 acres worth of peace and quiet in Minnesota to come back to the Ocean View School District after a short, eight-month retirement. The vegetable farmer taught in the district for 23 years and was assistant principal at Spring View Middle School for the last 12 years before retiring in 1998. "After 35 years of working with children, I thought I should retire," the 59-year-old Fountain Valley resident said.
August 12, 2004
Dave Brooks The city's proposed $298-million budget would be balanced, avoid layoffs and maintain a 4.2% reserve, but it leaves unanswered questions about how to pay for future retirements and aging roads and sewers. The City Council got its first look at the 2004-05 budget during a special study session Monday, at which newly appointed City Administrator Penny Culbreth-Graft presented a positive outlook on a budget that includes strong increases in revenue.
By Kelly Strodl | December 14, 2006
Just two days after the swearing-in of four new trustees to the Ocean View School District board, Supt. Karen Colby was placed on administrative leave. Some felt it was a decision long overdue, others saw it as a rash move by a board that has not yet dealt with Colby. On Tuesday, board members read a letter from Colby announcing that she would resign. Ed Sussman, a retired superintendent from the Downey Unified School District, was appointed interim superintendent. "We have the highest faith and confidence in him," board Trustee John Briscoe said, adding that Sussman made it clear that he is not interested in the position full-time.
By Michael Alexander | April 17, 2008
Huntington Beach Mayor and congressional candidate Debbie Cook is a prominent environmentalist and pointedly warns fossil fuel supplies are limited and will become ever-scarcer in years to come, with drastic consequences. She has spoken around the world as an environmental expert, calling a heavy reliance on oil and other fossil fuels dangerous in the long term. But at the same time, she has invested in oil companies like Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, according to economic interest forms filed March 25 with the City Clerk that council members must fill out. Cook said it was old news about long-disclosed retirement accounts, and she dismissed the idea her investments might be hypocritical, saying the government retirement fund CalPERS had heavy investment in oil as well.
September 27, 2001
Mike Sciacca Gary Thompson doesn't like being in the spotlight, but the accolades have been thrust upon him despite his misgivings. Thompson, 61, retired from the teaching ranks last week with Friday as his final day at Spring View Middle School. For 30 years Thompson taught literature, language arts and social studies at middle schools. He taught at Park View, Vista View and for the past 16 years, at Spring View. Some of his former students say that his teaching abilities, wit, charm, knowledge and caring attitude, have helped shape their lives.
October 24, 2002
Suzie Harrison She has devoted her retirement to helping others speak and understand the English language. Natalie Van Doren is a volunteer at the Huntington Beach Library on Talbert Avenue, where she spends her hours helping students in the library's Project Literacy program. "I retired and was looking for volunteer work, and the Independent had listed some volunteer opportunities," said Van Doren, who has been volunteering for a year and a half since her retirement.
By Anthony Clark Carpio | June 19, 2013
Tom Welch thought it was simply a matter of sitting through an interview, getting his badge and going on ride-alongs when he applied several weeks ago to become a member of Huntington Beach Police Department's Retired Senior Volunteer Program. But there is much more to serving than he had expected. "We were going through 30 hours [of work a month], from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.," Welch said. Welch and 12 other retired residents of Huntington Beach will be inducted into the Police Department's volunteer program Wednesday in council chambers.
By Anthony Clark Carpio | May 15, 2013
Huntington Beach Police Chief Ken Small has announced his retirement after 11 years with the city. "He's got 40-plus years in law enforcement," City Manager Fred Wilson said. "It'll be a great loss to the city. I think [Small], in my opinion, was an outstanding chief. " Small started his law enforcement career of 42 years in 1971 with the Los Angeles Police Department, mainly working in the Watts division, which was a "pretty tough part of town," he said. "The first year I was in Watts, which is about half the size of Huntington Beach, we had 142 murders," Small said.
By Anthony Clark Carpio | February 27, 2013
Jim Katapodis experienced it all as a police officer: being shot at a couple of times, going undercover as a paraplegic in a drug bust and almost getting stabbed during a domestic dispute. After 35 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Huntington Beach councilman and sergeant is retiring from the force. "I think 35 years is plenty for a police officer," Katapodis said during a recent phone interview. "In my mind, I can go over fences, jump walls and fight kids that are younger than me. The reality is it's probably not a good idea.
By Michael Miller | December 12, 2012
Darlene DeAngelo has traveled many places over the last dozen years: Cuba, Vietnam, Europe and wherever the freeway would take her during her impassioned 12-hour workdays. Now, the former curator of the Huntington Beach Art Center is embarking on a new frontier. Which is to say, a quiet morning with no alarm. DeAngelo, who has overseen the museum's exhibits and many of its fundraising and educational programs since 1999, stepped down in September. The last show she curated, a nature-themed multimedia exhibit titled "The Cylinder, the Sphere, the Cone," is scheduled to remain up through Saturday.
By Michael Miller | October 17, 2012
Bob Wentzel has two formidable, influential women backing his campaign for Huntington Beach City Council - and neither one comes attached to a union or major political party. Rather, they're his wife and mother. And their voices make the strongest impression on his campaign website, , which says of the candidate that "talking or writing about his accomplishments makes him feel embarrassed. " True, the website does have a section in Wentzel's own words in which he lays out his top 11 political platforms.
By Mona Shadia | July 27, 2012
The Huntington Beach city clerk has asked the proponents and opponents of a controversial property tax ballot measure to correct and clarify some of their arguments. Enough signatures were gathered to place the measure on the November ballot to revoke a pre-1978 public safety employee retirement tax, which levies $15 per $100,000 of assessed property value and brings the city's general budget $4.2 million a year, according to city records. Most of City Clerk Joan Flynn's objections targeted the pro side of the argument.
By Michael Miller | July 17, 2012
William Loose, the superintendent of the Ocean View School District, has announced his retirement, the district announced July 12. The district's board of trustees voted unanimously July 11 to accept Loose's resignation, according to a media release. Kathy Kessler, who recently retired as superintendent of the Huntington Beach City School District, was named interim superintendent and will take office July 30 if the board approves her contract. Loose, who replaced Alan Rasmussen, has been Ocean View's superintendent since July 1 last year.
By Imran Vittachi | May 30, 2012
Come June 15, after the last bell at Huntington Beach High School signals the end of the academic year, Bill Morehouse will leave his darkroom inside classroom I-8 and step into retirement. "I actually built this darkroom almost all by myself," said the veteran instructor at the school, who chairs its Industrial Arts Department, while walking through the film processing lab. For the past 35 of his 37 instruction years, Morehouse has taught hordes of Oilers to take, as well as make, black-and-white photographs using rolls of film - a fading craft in a digital world.
By Mona Shadia | November 2, 2011
Unlike many neighboring cities that have been scraping the bottom of the barrel to get by financially, Fountain Valley ended last year with a surplus and is on track to finish this year in the black as well. The city ended last year with a $1.3-million surplus, said Finance Director Sherri Holman. "It's a wonderful feeling," she said. "It gives you a sense of pride, and it's comforting. We did have to work hard to get there. " Fountain Valley did almost everything neighboring Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach did in light of the economic downfall, except issue layoffs.
By Michael Miller | October 19, 2011
Days after Lucia Kondas died in the worst mass shooting in Orange County history, her friends and former co-workers remembered her as bright, hardworking — and in her own way, unstoppable. "I always used to joke, if I had six Lucias and a death ray, I could have conquered the world," said Len Liberio, a Fountain Valley resident and Kondas' supervisor on three county jobs over the years. Kondas, 65, was one of two Huntington Beach residents who died in the Oct. 12 shooting at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach.
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