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By Paloma Esquivel, Los Angeles Times | April 28, 2014
The man accused of gunning down eight people at a Seal Beach hair salon in 2011 will plead guilty to eight counts of special circumstances murder and one count of attempted murder, his lawyer said Monday. Scott Dekraai, who, according to prosecutors, was seeking revenge on his ex-wife when he opened fire at the Salon Meritage, has "felt for a while that he really needs to give at least the victims the sense that he's not seeking to have this go on forever," said his lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Scott Sanders.
By Britney Barnes | July 24, 2009
Sunset Beach residents said they would rather be annexed by Seal Beach than Huntington Beach — if they have to choose — through a straw vote at a town meeting Wednesday. About 200 people came out to the meeting to learn and talk about the possible annexation of Sunset Beach, Greg Griffin, president of the Sunset Beach Community Assn., said. The small community of 1,200 is facing the prospect of becoming part of Huntington Beach after the Orange County branch of the Local Agency Formation Commission voted to put Sunset Beach under the city’s sphere of influence.
By Michael Miller | July 27, 2009
Sunset Beach, the community slated for possible annexation by the city of Huntington Beach, will remain an independent entity unless the community or either of its neighboring cities files an application to the county, an official with the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission said. Earlier this month, the commission voted to place Sunset Beach under Huntington’s sphere of influence, which is a prerequisite for a city annexing a community. However, according to Carolyn Emery, the commission’s senior project manager, the process of annexation can’t begin unless Huntington, Sunset Beach or Seal Beach makes the first move.
April 18, 2012
An Orange County judge on Friday ordered the release of portions of grand jury testimony in the case against a former tugboat crewman accused of fatally shooting eight people in a two-minute burst of violence last October at a Seal Beach hair salon. Superior Court Judge Thomas M. Goethals told attorneys for accused killer Scott Dekraai, a Huntington Beach resident, that releasing some of the grand jury testimony wouldn't "deny your client a fair trial. " Portions of the transcript, however, will remain sealed when the testimony is released next month, Goethals ordered.
By Mona Shadia | October 19, 2011
When it came to her sports team, Laura Elody was one of the guys. She bragged when the Raiders, Dodgers or Detroit Red Wings won, but she was lighthearted about it and would never put others' teams down, said her neighbor, Jason Pescevic. "She was just always smiling and a welcoming person," Pescevic said. Elody, 46, was shot to death while styling her mother's hair Oct. 12 at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach. Her mother, Harriet Stretz, 73, was also shot, but was recently released from the hospital.
August 15, 2002
The following people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They have only been arrested on suspicion of a crime and, as with all crimes, are considered innocent until proven guilty. Keith J. Johnson, 29, Garden Grove Jason L. Brummett, 24, El Monte Megan E. Kyle, 22, Seal Beach Kellie S. Vigil, 42, Huntington Beach Michael D. Brown, 31, Garden Grove Jose A. Gonzalez, 53, Lake Forest Peter J. Tyrovolas Jr., 35, Huntington Beach Allan W. Mukai, 42, Huntington Beach Frank Lombardi, 57, Costa Mesa Karen H. Hennessey, 39, Huntington Beach Brennan J. Cecka, 23, Scottsdale, Arizona Kathryn B. Logan, 21, Huntington Beach Heath G. Carter, 36, Huntington Beach Kate M. Cooper, 25, Santa Ana Ronald A. Mortvedt, 35, Huntington Beach Jacqueline W. Phillips, 47, Orange Trevor A. Burdge, 19, Huntington Beach Gregory T. Ritchie, 39, Fountain Valley Daniel R. Alvarado, 24, La Verne Gregory E. Richmond, 24, Laguna Beach David O. Humphries, 50, Huntington Beach
January 20, 2000
Four Huntington Beach athletes, each a member of the Seal Beach Swim Club boys 11-12 400-yard free relay team, swam their way Sunday to a National Reportable Time (NRT) in Mission Viejo. Competing on a cold day at dusk against just one opponent- the official clock - the four, Lugar Choi, Tristan Friend, Scott Schauer, and Derrick Willits, combined for a time of 3:51.80. The Seal Beach team swam nearly three seconds faster than the NRT minimum, which is 3:54.
June 7, 2007
EDITOR'S NOTE : These people have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They are considered innocent until proved guilty. May 20 -- 26 Michael A. Hill, 38, Los Angeles Jody K. Koop, 42, Riverside Laurence D. McCarty, 21, Huntington Beach Leah M. Hollenbeck, 24, Huntington Beach Cody B. Lasswell, 27, Huntington Beach Paul M. Nelson, 25, Fullerton Loy A. Geddes, 67, Huntington Beach Nathan C. Kowarsky, 25, Irvine Timothy M. Gonzalez, 23, La Habra Gammaliel Medina, 19, Huntington Beach Gary R. Reynolds, 49, Weston Kyle E. Warner, 19, Huntington Beach Brigitte M. Williams, 19, Aliso Viejo Wade J. Draper, 35, Fountain Valley Wesley J. Poirier, 24, Huntington Beach Scott C. Warren, 23, Fountain Valley Corina S. Denton, 28, Irvine Angela R. Smith, 25, Huntington Beach Brian M. Cronin, 30, Long Beach Joeanne M. Manzala, 23, Lake Forrest Daniel R. Morris, 52, Huntington Beach Andrew Fernandez, 26, Huntington Beach Ramiro Hernandez, 47, Huntington Beach Julie L. Krabbe, 46, Garden Grove Michael S. Delessandro, 48, Huntington Beach Christine M. Hoyt, 23, Irvine Jack A. Bazz, 19, Long Beach Fernando Sandoval-Garcia, 32, Santa Ana Christopher S. Keller, 22, Seal Beach Weslee R. Lutes, 26, Costa Mesa Lindsay S. Vaughan, 27, Corona Del Mar May 27 -- June...
March 7, 2002
o7 The following people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of an intoxicant. They have only been arrested on suspicion of a crime and, as with all crimes, are considered innocent until proved guiltyf7 . Ludmila Allegre, 56, Huntington Beach Amjed N. Alzoybi, 34, Ojai Christopher J. Cayton, 27, Westminster Roldan R. Cruz, 23, Huntington Beach Erick M. Derbsch, 25, Laguna Hills ...
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