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May 10, 2007
Who likes change? Our passion for entertaining diversions to put some spark into our routines is nearly insatiable. Every day it seems we're introduced to a new toy. We have 500 channels, MP3 players, DVDs, satellite radio, YouTube, PlayStation 3, blackberries and the list goes on. But the truth is, we love the routine. It's comforting to know those shortcuts to work, what's going to be expected of you at the job and what time your favorite show comes on so you can set the TiVo to record it. Even when we know that change will improve us we still resist it. It's simple — who among us doesn't fear the unknown?
By Michael Alexander | May 2, 2007
Trucks began crisscrossing southeast Huntington Beach on Monday, distributing the blue, green and brown containers that are the future of the city's waste disposal to roughly 500 families, officials at Rainbow Disposal Inc. said. It's a feat the company plans every day for six months, until the whole city has the new rolling containers. Starting Monday, the first automated collection trucks in the city, powered by low-emission compressed natural gas, will roll through neighborhoods picking up trash and recyclables without their drivers ever stepping onto the pavement.
By: Michael Miller | September 25, 2005
When Stephanie Barger led a group of volunteers to pick up trash in Crystal Cove State Park on Saturday, there were only a few scraps of it left. The week before, the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day had removed most of the visible garbage. Now, nearly all that remained were the specks: Styrofoam, bottle caps and tiny beads of plastic, known as nurdles. Barger, the executive director of the Earth Resource Foundation in Costa Mesa, said those miniature bits of trash are the most deadly.
By Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray | March 2, 2011
Some people in town are upset because our trash collection fees may go up. Like other homeowners, Vic and I got the notice that the city of Huntington Beach is proposing to raise the residential trash collection fees. Vic thought the proposed fee increase would make a good column topic, but I didn't give it another thought. Costs go up. It seemed reasonable to me that the fees that we pay to cover those costs should also go up. I guess I underestimated the extent to which some residents of this city will protest something as minor as an increase in fees of 64 cents a month.
By Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray | October 29, 2008
Counting today, there are only nine Thursdays left in 2008. One of them is Thanksgiving and the last one is Christmas. Nine weeks until the start of 2009. Vic and I thought about what good things all of us might still accomplish during the remainder of this year. This idea started with a link to a book sent to me by my brother, “Every Monday Matters,” by Matthew Emerzian and Kelly Bozza. The book’s premise is that we should all do one good deed every Monday to change the world for the better.
By: HUMBERTO CASPA | September 27, 2005
Two days ago, I had a long chat with Edgar Vazquez, a soccer guru and local businessman, at a coffee shop. Since this sport has been in the news lately in Costa Mesa, I thought I should retool my knowledge of the game, including understanding the politics hidden behind it. To begin with, I've always thought the few people who complained about the game, and the city officials who generously acquiesced to these individual's unfounded...
By By Dave Brooks | January 5, 2006
New carts proposed for garbage, recycling as part of automated pickup system.The Huntington Beach City Council was talkin' trash Tuesday night, discussing the details of the city's new waste collection system. Huntington Beach is moving to an automated pickup system, similar to programs used by most communities in California. Gone are the days of pulling trash barrels out to the curb to be emptied manually by workers walking alongside the garbage truck. The new system proposed by Rainbow disposal will use specially designed carts that can be lifted and emptied by a mechanical arm of the truck.
By VIC LEIPZIG AND LOU MURRAY | February 2, 2006
Rainbow Disposal is proposing big changes to our trash pickup system. Knowing the cantankerous nature of some people in our community, we'll bet that the transition to a new pickup system won't be universally popular. But it's the right way to go. Currently, there is no need to sort our trash for curbside pickup. We can put out as much as we want and Rainbow Disposal comes by every week to haul it away. There is no incentive to sort our trash into green waste, recyclables or real trash, and no reason to think about how we might reduce the volume of trash that we generate.
By: Andrew Edwards | August 13, 2005
The Costa Mesa Sanitary District board unanimously approved higher rates for trash collection and sewer services Thursday, district assistant manager Thomas Fauth said. Rates were raised to cover higher volumes of garbage collected and to meet a mandate from environmental regulators to keep grease out of sewer lines. "We've experienced a significant increase in the amount of trash collected," Fauth said. In the last five years, the volume of trash hauled by the district has gone up from about 35,000 tons annually to more than 42,000, Fauth said.
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