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By Michael Miller | August 29, 2012
The massive inflatable turtle shifted in the breeze that whipped across the Huntington Beach Pier on Monday afternoon, looking large and restless enough to crawl across the walkway for a hearty meal at Ruby's Diner. The environmental activists who set up their booth on the pier hadn't anticipated the wind. But the turtle's twitchy movements ended up fitting their message perfectly: that the ocean is full of living things, and that plastic bags are best kept out of it. With the state's two-year legislative session set to end at midnight Friday, members of the Surfrider Foundation, Earth Resource Foundation and Environment California set up a table and solicited signatures for a petition asking lawmakers to support Assembly Bill 298, which seeks to ban single-use plastic bags in many businesses across California.
Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray write about better consumption methods for Orange County to avoid overfilling the landfills | December 15, 2010
While Lou is busy with Christmas preparations, I decided to take a crack at writing this week's column. The Christmas holidays are a good time to think about trash. That sounds odd until you think about the amount of trash that this holiday generates. Fortunately, cards, envelopes, cardboard boxes and Christmas trees can be recycled or composted. To reduce the amount of stuff that eventually ends up in a landfill, Lou and I try to think of presents that don't generate trash. Edible presents, like cookies or homemade jams in reusable jars, are one option.
By: | August 25, 2005
o7Here are some items the Planning Commission considered Monday.f7 ZONING CODE CHANGES The commission voted to hold off discussing proposed changes to the city zoning code that would include allowing churches in some commercial zones and banning chain-link fences on nonresidential properties. The changes, which were proposed as a package, would still need City Council approval, but the commission postponed talking about them after Mayor Allan Mansoor asked to pull the church zoning change from the agenda to get more information.
By Candice Baker | July 14, 2009
Several oxygen tanks exploded Monday afternoon in a school parking lot in Huntington Beach after being dumped out of a trash truck. “Rainbow [Disposal] was doing some trash collection in the area of Hawes Elementary School,” Deputy Fire Marshall Jeff Lopez said. “They were collecting the recycling cans, and at about 2:40 the driver noticed smoke coming from the truck and heard an explosion.” The driver called the fire department and dumped the load of trash in the parking lot of the school on Yellowstone Drive, following fire safety protocol, Lopez said.
By: | August 22, 2005
o7 Here are some items the planning commission will consider Monday. f7 TRASH BIN SCREENING One of the first concrete recommendations for upgrades to the city's Westside would require that all trash bins in that part of the city have lids and be screened from view. The planning commission will consider the proposal, which would permit property owners to add enclosures or other screening for trash bins even if it means losing parking spaces or landscaping.
August 30, 2001
Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray As we were hauling our plastic trash containers to the curb the other day, we noticed that the lid of one container is badly cracked from having been run over by a car. These containers are over 20 years old. We decided that it might be time to invest in at least one new can. We wanted containers that were quiet, convenient and lidded. Lidded containers are important for keeping crows, possums and other pesky wildlife out of the trash.
July 27, 2000
The city of Fountain Valley has the reputation for being a "nice place to live." I have asked our planning and code enforcement staff to help us understand what is involved in maintaining the aesthetic quality of our community. In response to my request, City Planner Robert Franklin has prepared the following: Elected policymakers, city employees, concerned business ownersand residents form the winning combination that makes Fountain Valley a "nice place to live."
May 31, 2007
Rainbow Disposal is required to sort trash Correct me if I am wrong, but now we will have three trucks to pick up the same trash that one truck used to pick up. Does this mean three times as much maintenance cost? Three times the number of union drivers to do the pickups? It is my feeling that Rainbow Disposal is trying to force the residents of Huntington Beach into doing the company's job. The city did a study a number of years ago that showed the most efficient way to reduce the amount of trash going to landfills is to sort the trash at a centralized point.
November 16, 2006
Three condos gutted in Monday fire A second-alarm fire gutted three condos early Monday, Huntington Beach firefighters said. At around 11 a.m., 43 Huntington Beach firefighters and eight Costa Mesa firefighters responded to a blaze reported in the 19700 block of Seashore Drive. A blaze in one of the buildings at Beachwalk condo complex claimed three of four units, leaving only minor smoke damage in the fourth, fire authorities said. Nearly $1.2 million in property was lost in the fire, which took about 45 minutes to extinguish, Huntington Beach Fire Department spokeswoman Martha Werth said.
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